Senior Art & UI Director

ePrint Live

Improv ideas were submitted using HP ePrint technology from mobile devices across the USA and acted out by the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre LIVE on YouTube.

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We needed to drive behavior change among consumers and small businesses that ultimately lead to the purchase of HP printers with ePrint. We wanted to infuse the ePrint experience into daily activities, to educate, inform, delight and reward those who embrace this new way of printing. And overall we wanted to create a mass trial of ePrint among consumers/SMBs.


Working with friends at Porter Novelli and OMG we helped HP launch a live improv comedy show broadcast exclusively on YouTube with skits acted out based on user submissions via ePrint. HP ePrint Live demonstrated the spontaneity, simplicity, and practicality of HP ePrint through hilariously crowdsourced improv comedy skits, designed to be shared virally.

HP ePrint Live showcased the functionality of ePrint by having consumers around the world submitting skit ideas (via ePrint) to a printer on stage that the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre acted out and provided quirky improv responses to.


• 20 Minutes spent viewing on average (2.5x the average for YouTube streaming events)
• 5,000 ePrint improv suggestions (3,000+ in under 24 hours)
• Over 5 million traditional media impressions
• Cost per participation only 72 cents
• 2.7 Million total participants
• 1 Billion campaign impressions


Over 130 media outlets covered the program including:
Mashable — HP Launches Live Improv Comedy Show on YouTube
The New York Times — H.P. Updates TV’s Old Product Demos


Digital Marketing Awards
Best Use of Social Media - New Campaign – Silver
Other Digital Media - Creative Use of Technology – Silver
Branded Content – Silver
Canadian Marketing Association Awards
Intergrated - Consumer Products – Bronze
AME Awards
New Product / Service Launch – Bronze
Interactive Marketing – Bronze
John Caples International Awards
Interactive Campaign – Finalist